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ExpressMetrix are producers of powerful, cost effective software and hardware management solutions for the enterprise. ExpressMetrix's products provide three powerful solutions:

Express Software Meter:
The Express Meter software package helps your organisation to conform to licencing compliance, ensuring that only licenced copies of software are in use. For licence metering, Express is a simple to use solution with many companies already using this useful and affordable software.

Express Software Inventory:
Express Inventory is an excellent companion to the Express Meter. Express Inventory allows IT management staff to remotely inventory software installed on users PCs, as well as allowing a degree of hardware inventory. This is a useful tool for checking compliance with non-concurrently licenced software packages, and to help maintain your standard corporate PC build.

Express Software Manager:
Express Inventory and Express Meter are both useful and easy to use tools that give an organisation the ability to completely manage the software in use on their IT network. For this reason, both of these useful tools are provided in one single package, Express Software Manager.

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