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Remote diagnosis - Cost effective improvement in Doctors' productivity

EDAS have been working with the Senior Partner from a Group of Doctors' Clinics based in rural Cumbria. His critical issue was he wanted to find a way to improve the communications between their Surgeries and reduce the number of patients who needed to be sent for outpatient visits to hospital.

The Senior Partner said that this was necessary to save the time and expense incurred by his colleagues attending clinics at each other's surgeries. What often happened was that Doctors were unable to attend these clinics due to conflicting commitments and they had to send their patients to attend Hospital outpatient diagnosis clinics.

The Senior Partner said he wanted to economically connect his surgeries enabling Doctors to hold clinics at relatively short notice. To make this possible, patient records, x-rays and administration documentation would also need to be available through this same medium.

EDAS provided a comprehensive videoconferencing system based upon Sony Videoconferencing units and monitors, connecting over their IP network into a FVC multi-point Conferencing Server. This enabled, patients at any surgery to remotely attend, a diagnosis clinic held by Doctor at different surgery location, whilst allowing the Doctors to constantly have any patient record information to hand at all times.

As a result, the Practice achieved a significant reduction in travelling time and an immediate improvement in the number of diagnoses undertaken by the Doctors. The Doctors motivation improved and patient satisfaction increased.

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