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24 hour remote learning access

EDAS have been working with the College Principal of a Further Education College in Scotland. His critical issue was to find a way to increase their student base by expanding their activities over a wider geographic area, whilst maintaining its current staffing and administration levels.

He said it was imperative to find an innovative way to attract increased numbers of students, and the corresponding funding.

This is because the funding of the Further Education system is reliant upon final student numbers, and in view of the ever-increasing competition between Educational Institutions for those students, new ways must constantly be found to attract them.

The Principal said he wanted to economically connect distant students into the college learning environments and support this with a range of teaching content. He also wanted to be able to record particular lectures so that the considerable number of Students, who were unable to attend a scheduled lecture, could later gain 24hour access to these lessons, as video-on-demand presentations.

EDAS provided a solution using the CUseeMe web based videoconferencing application, CUseeMe Web, along with the FVC Conferencing Server and its Streaming Media option. Using this, remotely located students could view lessons live over the web, or retrieve the lesson later, at any time. This utilized their existing teaching resources more effectively, and attracted more students than before.

As a result, student levels have increased by 12%, more than originally expected, and the consequent funding has been secured for the foreseeable future.


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