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WRQ Reflection X integrates Windows desktops with graphical and character-based UNIX applications and connects to UNIX, OpenVMS, and Linux servers. Certified for Windows 2000, Reflection X includes an integrated VT emulator and complies with the latest X protocols. Performance optimisations and OpenGL support let users display a variety of X clients with drawing speeds rivalling those of X terminals. Centralised management tools and support for Microsoft Active Directory simplify deployment and management tasks to help control IT resources.

WRQ Reflection X is designed to help you:

  • Control IT resources with administrative tools install, deploy, and manage Reflection with full-featured administrative tools; support for Windows 2000 means you can confidently deploy to a variety of Windows desktops.
  • Gain competitive advantage with newer technologies display X applications with drawing speeds rivalling those of X terminals; run OpenGL 3-D applications and X applications that include X11R6.4 enhancements.
  • Simplify access to diverse host systems create a common host access environment using Reflection products all with the same interface and features to connect to UNIX, OpenVMS, and Linux servers.
  • Standardise with proven technology and services choose WRQ to provide reliable host access backed by service plans that are customised to meet your needs.

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