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Seamlessly integrate the X Window environment with the Windows desktop.

Take advantage of versatile X Window functionality and Windows simplicity at the same time with KEA!® X from Attachmate. KEA! X is an easy-to-use, full-featured PC X server that integrates the GUI-oriented X Window environment with the familiar Microsoft® Windows® desktop. It links the Windows desktop to missioncritical X-based applications, enabling users to work in the worlds of X and Windows simultaneously.
With the new version of KEA! X, you get complete TCP/IP support, starting with a proven PC X server and including integrated state-of-the-art VT™, NFS™ and FTP functionality. You also get support for the latest version of the X protocol, as well as faster X application display performance and enhanced copy support.

Low Bandwidth X support. Only KEA! X has the ability to automatically and transparently select either the X or Low Bandwidth X protocol depending on connection speed. Built-in intelligence like this means that the same KEA! X configuration can be provided for both remote and local users. This ensures seamless access to X applications for users regardless of whether they are connected via dial-up or LAN. KEA! X is also the only PC X Server solution to include LBX proxies for HP-UX,® Compaq® Tru64™ UNIX, AIX® and Solaris™ in an installable binary format – providing you with a total end-to-end LBX solution.

Control application colors with multi-visual support. KEA! X has been designed to capture the look and feel of each unique X application, regardless of the colors it demands. Users can run X applications that require 256-color mode under high and true color Microsoft Windows modes.

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