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Reflections for the Multi-host Enterprise Professional



KEA! for HP
Full-featured, manageable access to the power of HP environments.
Attachmate KEA! 700/98 provides intuitive, manageable access to corporate information on HP® host systems. It seamlessly integrates HP host information with the Windows® environment as well as popular desktop applications. KEA! 700/98 includes comprehensive network connectivity protocol support, high-level emulation (VT220 and 700/98), plus full compatibility with Attachmate’s automation and front-ending technology.

From any Windows desktop, KEA! 700/98 provides full access to HP 3000 and HP 9000 systems.
All the rich, graphical functionality you expect in Windows is also available in KEA! 700/98. Your desktop-to-host interfaces may be customized for user convenience with colors, custom menus and dialog boxes, SmartPads and other productivity-enhancing features.

Version 5.1 is the first version of KEA! 700/98 that’s compliant with Attachmate’s Year 2000
Compliance Definition, which means you can devote resources to more pressing Year 2000 issues free of concerns about how the date change will affect your host access software.

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