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Multi-Host Terminal Emulation - PowerTerm Pro
Ericom® Software’s PowerTerm® Pro Series offers a full service terminal emulation solution for the Microsoft Windows® platform. It provides seamless connectivity from PC to host, emulates the largest range of terminals available and connects to applications running on a complete range of host systems.

Introducing PowerTerm Pro Enterprise
PowerTerm Pro Enterprise provides the same advanced enterprise wide connectivity as PowerTerm Pro, with the following added features:
• Microsoft® Visual Basic® for Applications (VBA) PowerTerm Pro Enterprise incorporates VBA as the basis for its scripting language, enhancing the functionality of host data within Office applications including Word, Excel and PowerPoint. VBA is a standard tool that enables users to link information across the organization, making it customizable and compatible with other applications and data. It creates an entire work environment for optimizing user productivity.

• Built-in Security from RSA Security Inc.
PowerTerm Pro Enterprise incorporates the Internet-standard SSH and SSL security encryption protocols to ensure secure transmission of data. Seamless Connectivity from PC to Host PowerTerm Pro maximizes enterprise-wide productivity by enabling reliable access to accounting, inventory management, transaction processing and other mission critical legacy applications more effectively and efficiently than ever before.

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