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KEA! 420 and KEA! 340 Terminal Emulation
The premier solution for managed, cost-saving access to OpenVMS™ and UNIX® systems.
With Attachmate’s KEA! family, featuring KEA! 420 for text applications and KEA! 340 for text and graphics applications, your organization gains intuitive, managed access to the power of OpenVMS and UNIX computing environments. Featuring extensive built-in support for industry standards, KEA! efficiently leverages host, network and desktop resources already existing in many organizations. And now, KEA!’s built-in management facilities present opportunities for lowering the overhead of administration and, therefore, reducing total cost of ownership (TCO). Plus, KEA! 5.1 is the first version of the KEA! VT product family that’s compliant with Attachmate’s Year 2000 Product Compliance Definition, which means you can devote resources to more pressing Year 2000 issues free of concerns about how the date change will affect your host access software.

Leveraging KEA! to streamline the flow of information.
KEA!’s automation features aim to enhance productivity by streamlining business practices, which translates into dramatic reductions in the soft costs that make up the majority of software ownership expenses for most organizations.

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