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KEA! 2000 Terminal Emulation for Unix Based Systems

Combining the best of KEA! and Windows 2000.
Attachmate KEA!® 2000 is the premier UNIX® and OpenVMS™ host access client for the Microsoft® Windows® 2000 platform. It delivers applications from UNIX and OpenVMS enterprise information systems to Windows desktops across virtually any network. Plus, it
offers rich interface customization, task automation and data integration features for optimal user productivity.

Certified by Microsoft for Windows 2000 Professional, KEA! 2000 takes full advantage of the advanced capabilities of Windows 2000, leveraging the platform’s application self-repairing,
roaming user profile, and power management capabilities.

Through its unique combination of state-of-the-art data access, user productivity, installation and setup, and client administration technology, KEA! 2000 minimizes operating costs while lifting productivity for enterprises and work groups that have standardized on the Windows 2000 platform.

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