DEC VT/UNIX Terminal Emulators
The following products provide emulation and connectivity to DEC and UNIX based hosts for a variety of different workstation operating platforms.
Attachmate KEA! 420 and KEA! 340
Powerful VT420 terminal emulator for Windows based PCs. For use with VT text based applications only (KEA! 340 and 420), and VT based graphical applications (NOT X Windows applications) via KEA! 340 ONLY.
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Attachmate KEA! 2000
The next generation terminal emulator for Unix systems. Optimised for use with Windows 2000, and designed for VT text and graphic applications.
Graphical applications (VT340) require the graphical option pack.
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Ericom PowerTerm & PowerTerm PRO
Low-cost terminal emulator supporting VT420 on Windows based PCs. For use with VT text based applications only.
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WRQ Reflections for UNIX & OpenVMS
Powerful VT based terminal emulation package supporting VT420 and VT340 for Windows based PCs. For use with both VT text based applications and VT based graphical applications.
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The following products provide varying forms of VT emulation as part of the Multi Host connectivity options in the applications.
ICOM Winsurf Mainframe Access
Web-to-host terminal emulation package to expand access quickly and simply across the network using Internet technologies.
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ICOM Winsurf+
Windows based PC to host terminal emulation package supporting IBM mainframe and Unix based hosts.
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WebTerm for Mac & Windows
Windows based PC and Macintosh web-to-host terminal emaulation package. Connectivity to AS/400, IBM Mainframe and UNIX hosts via internet based technologies.
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Reflection for the Web
Powerful web-to-host terminal emulation package supporting AS/400, IBM Mainframe
and UNIX. Includes support for encryption to allow safer access across public networks.
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