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Use RALLY! to reliably transport SNA data streams over TCP/IP with no degradation of SNA application functionality. There's full support for MPTN (Multi­Protocol Transport Networking), popular SNA gateways, and Cisco ® NCIA (Native Client Interface Architecture). With RALLY!, you gain peace of mind knowing that your existing APPC applications will run flawlessly with no modifications. Information access -- faster and easier than ever.

Faster: RALLY!'s industry­leading 32­bit APPC router delivers information to Windows 95 and Windows NT desktops with remarkable speed and reliability.

Easier: Enjoy unrivalled ease of use with RALLY!'s 32­bit Level 2 ODBC­enabled driver, 32­bit DBQuery tool, and OLE 2.0 support. While working inODBC­enabled applications such as Microsoft ® Excel and Visual Basic, ® end users and developers alike can conveniently employ the ODBC driver for reliable access to DB2/400 TM datasources over APPC. By setting up intuitive SQL­based queries with RALLY!'s DBQuery tool, importing data into an ASCII file or any ODBC­compliant application becomes a snap -- no programming or macros required. And RALLY!'s full exploitation of OLE 2.0 makes it easy to establish transparent, dynamically updated links between Windows application files and data on the AS/400.

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